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Change Your POV Podcast

In a world of difficult post-military transitions, who can listeners count on for up to date info on everything from motivation, mental health, leveraging perspective, engaging your environment, mentorship, family, and entrepreneurship? Just check in with Eddie, Bennett, Duane, Jeff, Andrew, and Kevin on your favorite weekly show on the Change Your POV Podcast Network!

Jul 24, 2019

How tolerant are you when it comes to things you don't know about? How expansive is your emotional literacy? 
How willing are you to have hard conversations?
How often do you lean in when it becomes uncomfortable?

This week Bennett and Eddie talk about things that most only whisper about. Let's all muster up a bit of courage and have some really hard conversations while keeping things civil! 

There are always 3 sides to every conversation. What I say and believe, what you say and believe, and then there is the truth somewhere in the middle.