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Aug 9, 2017



Purple Heart and Veterans Parking Dedication has a mission to help communities and businesses honor our military heroes through reserved parking spaces for veterans and Purple Heart recipients that are dedicated in the name and memory of a departed hero. The dedication events, started by former Green Beret and Army Ranger Enrique Murillo are starting to make an impact in the communities they are reaching.




The history behind this dedications roots and how keeping the memories of the fallen is the heart of the events.


Enrique Murillo, former Army Ranger and Green Beret and how he turned the need for a parking spot into a community effort to honor our brothers and sisters in arms.


How the families are the focus and the importance of suicide awareness and prevention.


Jeff's personal connection to the event through his history of serving with Ricky Murillo and his personal connections to three of the honored: William "Willy" Lubbers, Tony Yost, and Christopher Hartsock. 



The brave and too soon departed that are already being honored with the dedicated parking spaces, and the businesses leading the way to make this a worthy and noble cause.

Never Forget these heroes or let their memory fade:

Edward Duane Cantrell

Tony Olaes

Brandon Pepper

Andrew Mckenna

Matthew Sluss Tiller

Anselmo Martinez III

Chris Falkel

William Lubbers

Timothy Mcgill

Roy Benavidez

Scott W. Dyer

Christopher Hartsock

Timothy Hankins

Grant Shanaman

Mark McCowan

Caleb White

Matthew Freeman

Anthony Davis

Alessandro Plutino

David Warner Hughes

Tony Lost

Pruitt A. Rainey

Steven Davis

Scott Sather


how to get involved or donate: see links







Find links to this episode's content here:

Enrique Murillo's Facebook:


Donate to the cause at the following places:

King signs of Fayetteville

Amy Walker


attn. rick murillo purple heart/veterans parking project



The Trophy House inc.

Ashley James


attn. rick murillo purple heart/veterans parking project


The Heroism and Tragic story of Edward Duane Cantrel, the first honored hero.


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Give back to Veterans who give back to Veterans! 

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