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In a world of difficult post-military transitions, who can listeners count on for up to date info on everything from motivation, mental health, leveraging perspective, engaging your environment, mentorship, family, and entrepreneurship? Just check in with Eddie, Bennett, Duane, Jeff, Andrew, and Kevin on your favorite weekly show on the Change Your POV Podcast Network!

Jan 6, 2018



In the tenth episode of this Podcast Series about the Battle of Sadr City April 4th, 2004, I sat down with Specialist Stephen Ellis. Assigned to HHC 2-5 CAV, SPC Ellis worked in the Battalion TOC (Tactical Operations Center) Lancer Mike. Military TOC's are the nerve centers of the battlefield, the Command and Control Centers where operation plans and decisions are made. This is also the hub of communication and the callsign you call when you are outside the wire and need help!


We all take away our own stories from our time in Iraq. We have little memories mementos and things that take us back to that time on the ground. In many ways, a lot if not all of us lost a piece of our innocence. Sometimes we lose that innocence behind the mic, hearing your brothers on the other end in desperate need of help with little you can personally do to help other than your job manning that mic.



Hope you enjoy this series about 04-04-04

-"Shoot 'Em In The Face"


Give back to Veterans who give back to Veterans! 

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