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Change Your POV Podcast

In a world of difficult post-military transitions, who can listeners count on for up to date info on everything from motivation, mental health, leveraging perspective, engaging your environment, mentorship, family, and entrepreneurship? Just check in with Eddie, Bennett, Duane, Jeff, Andrew, and Kevin on your favorite weekly show on the Change Your POV Podcast Network!

May 31, 2017




Changing Hearts & Minds is dedicated to helping veterans renew their warrior spirit and remember the past to improve their future. SOF Health Initiatives is changing how we look at post-combat health.



Welcome to the Changing Hearts & Minds Podcast!...

May 28, 2017


Welcome to Remove Before Flight where we help prepare Veterans to start, grow or scale a business. Every Sunday Kevin will share an interview with a successful business owner, or a service organization which can help you along your journey, when possible the interviewee will also be a veteran. Remove Before...

May 26, 2017



CYPOV Podcast is dedicated to helping Veterans become just as successful out of uniform as they were when they were in. In order to become successful, you will need help. For some, it is a lot of help, for others just a little, but one thing remains constant, WE ALL NEED HELP!

This week I sit down with...

May 24, 2017



Welcome to the Changing Hearts & Minds Podcast! Jeff Adamec and Eddie Lazzari will give the 5Ws (Who, What, Where, When, & Why...for you Airforce folk) Jeff is a retired US Army Special Forces Green Beret and joins the Change Your POV Podcast Network with his Wednesday show that will cover everything from SOF...

May 22, 2017


Welcome to Motivation Monday! Every Monday Eddie, Bennett, Duane, Jeff, Andrew, or Kevin share a quote they really like and what it means to them. If you liked this episode please share with your friends and family!


"Be yourself is all that you can do" - Chris Cornell 


Give back to Veterans who give...