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Change Your POV Podcast

In a world of difficult post-military transitions, who can listeners count on for up to date info on everything from motivation, mental health, leveraging perspective, engaging your environment, mentorship, family, and entrepreneurship? Just check in with Eddie, Bennett, Duane, Jeff, Andrew, and Kevin on your favorite weekly show on the Change Your POV Podcast Network!

Jul 29, 2016

SUMMARY: In this week’s episode, Bennett and Eddie have the pleasure of sitting down with The Order Of Man’s very own Ryan Michler. Ryan grew up without a prominent male figure in his life. The few men in his life he did have were not the best role m…

Jul 27, 2016

SUMMARY: In this week’s episode, Bennett and Eddie have the pleasure of sitting down with Eric L. Mitchell. Eric founded his own digital marketing company LifeFlip Media. Eric is a marketing strategist and Marine Corps Veteran focused on delivering …

Jul 25, 2016



Welcome to Motivation Monday! Every Monday Eddie and Bennett share a quote they really like and what it means to them.


“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” -Winston Churchill


Hey, It’s Eddie and Bennett! Thanks for listening!

Thanks so much for listening!...

Jul 22, 2016


Investing just couldn’t be easier than with DIVVY Investments. Take the guesswork and emotion out of investing and stick with the numbers! New to investing, or a seasoned pro, you will see results with DIVVY Investments.

Ok look I get it, it is scary and uncomfortable talking about investments, and...

Jul 19, 2016



In this 7th and final part of this 7-part series, I discuss resume submission and follow up. At the conclusion of the 7 Day Resume Training Course, you will have all the tools necessary to craft your own recruiter ready resume. To check out the full course and get all the videos and downloadables, head...